Our Mission

Engadin experience is the best travel companion you’ll have. We create a perfect holiday for you based on your needs and preferences by taking away the burden of searching for the best possible offer and perhaps saving you from displeasurable unforeseen events such as unexpected expenses or inconveniences in transport and so on.

We boast timeless knowledge of the territory with everything it can offer, therefore relieving you from the worries of doing research to find the best places, activities, and prices.

We are not a tourist organization, tour operators, nor are we even an agency.

We are Engadin Experience.

Meet Our Team

"Your Passions are our passions"

We are people with great experience in the tourism sector and possess vast knowledge and connections in the area.

Mirko Delgrossi
Tommy Johnson
Pamela Wagner

What They Say About Us

Our History

The Engadin Experience Logo is inspired not only by the Swiss flag but also the deep familiarity of the territory, woods, mountains, streams, animals that inhabit these places, and the perfect synergy that is established between man and nature.

Thus, Engadin Experience was born as a service that offers beautiful sights to be discovered in every season.

Services Provided

Accomodation in the best and rarest locations in the Engadin.
Our vast knowledge of the area to give you the information you need.
A responsive team ready to help when needed.
Personal Agenda
Customized day by day agendas made especially for you.
Activity Plans for Everyone
A wide variety of activities for all to enjoy.
Easy Commute
Accessibility to the most convenient forms of transportation.
Smart Stay
Accommodation based on your needs and preferences.
Services and activities are PWD friendly on request.
Pet Friendly
Enjoy your experience with your furry friends

Our Know How

Some of our best locations, chosen by our Travelers.

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